gtx 650 installed but nothing comes on screen when computer turned on

I just got a stock Lenovo k410 and installed a gtx 650 gpu in it. I plugged in the vga cable through an adapter into the graphics card port and the monitor. The problem is, the computer screen won't turn on. It works fine when I plus the vga cable into the on-board graphics. The graphics card worked fine when I plugged it into a different computer. On the Lenovo, I also can't download the drivers because the computer doesn't recognize nvidia hardware because the vga is plugged into the on-board. Any suggestions?
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  1. Try updating the motherboard BIOS.
    Make sure you uninstall the onboard graphics drivers before you install the GTX 650 in the PC.
    In the BIOS make sure your set to use PCIE graphics and not onboard video.
    One your system recognizes the GTX 650 remember; Only one of the DVI ports on the GTX 650 is DVI-I so make sure you are connecting your DVI - VGA adapter to that one. The I stands for Integrated Digital and Analogue, VGA is Analogue. If your monitor supports DVI you may see better results picking up a DVI - DVI cable.
  2. Okay so let me give you some more info. I searched for a place to upgrade the bio and the lenovo website said mine was up to date. I did not uninstall the onboard graphics driver so I will try that next. And in the bio, I can't find a place that says PCIE but one says PEG which I think is the same and the opther option is IGP or something along those lines. This is under video in the BIOS.
  3. In BIOS you will want to set to PEG. Did the BIOS also say anything about it would auto-detect if a graphics card was installed? The reason I ask is because I am somewhat familiar with IBM/Lenovo BIOS (used to have an IBM ThinkCenter) and I remember the BIOS would auto-detect a graphics card as being present and run off of that instead of integrated graphics.
  4. Yes, it's set on PEG but doesn't do anything when I turn on the computer with it installed. The screen stays black. If I unplug the card from the computer, everything works normally.
  5. Just to make sure, when you have the card installed you are plugging the monitor into the GTX 650, right? I mean no offense by that, I'm just checking because it's surprising how often that happens.

    Before you install the 650, you are un-installing the integrated graphics driver?
  6. I do have the monitor plugged into the GTX 650. I take no offense lol. Do I have to uninstall the integrated graphics driver? I didn't have to on my older computer.
  7. It depends on the system but usually yes.

    I find it odd that the mobo isn't detecting the 650. Given that you have made sure the GPU works in another system, the only thing I can think of is to check that the PSU is enough to handle that card. I know the 650 doesn't draw much but some things to check would be: Make sure the 6pin PCIE power plug is properly inserted, make sure the PSU is supplying at least 300W and supplies at least 18 Amps on the 12v rail (there is a sticker on the PSU you can check).

    This PC seems rather new, you may want to contact Lenovo about this issue and check their forums for others that may have issues using non-OEM GPUs (some models of the Lenovo k410 came with GTX 620's
  8. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I disabled the onboard graphics and still the black screen. It makes me question my installation of the card. I did get it working on another computer though. Should I just contact support? I'm not the original owner, but I bought it from a good friend and before we reset the computer, I made sure the card was working so I wouldn't have this exact problem.
  9. I'd contact Lenovo. The problem is obviously their hardware since the card works in another PC.

    But before you do that, did you check to make sure you have sufficient power from the power supply? NVidia and the companies that "re-brand" the GTX 650 i.e: ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, etc. , recommend a PSU with at least 400W so if yours doesn't meet that requirement Lenovo (and the manufacturer of the card) technically can give you the "brush-off" and say you don't meet the minimum specs for the card.
  10. I looked up what the stock power supply would be and it looks like people online say it's 280W. How do I check my own? This very well could be the problem.
  11. I checked the power supply and it said 280W. It looks like the stock power supply, so how will I know if a different one was inserted though because I'm only looking at the sticker that's there when opening the computer. Hopefully this isn't too confusing.
  12. No it's not too confusing ;) I understand what you mean. it looks like your 280W PSU won't be enough. It's odd though because I've checked tech review sites that measure the actual power draw of that card and "technically" there should be enough power (the GTX 650 really doesn't require much). Your best bet would be to get a better PSU.

    Having said that, I have read a few reviews where people have upgraded the PSU and STILL cannot get decent GPUs to work. It could be that the motherboard and/or BIOS is just not made to handle them. If you can, borrow a PSU with at least 400W and try it first so you don't waste money on a PSU you might not need.

    A few REALLY important notes:

    *A couple people have mentioned that a not very optimal work-around to getting good GPUs to work (with or without higher wattage PSUs) is by turning off secureboot and fastboot (don't know if those are in BIOS or windows, sorry) which resulted in unstable systems ( no specifics on how unstable or exact crash scenarios so can't tell how reliable the "fix or info is)

    *If you do replace the PSU you will no longer have a power indicator light (LED on front of case when computer is on) AND you will no longer be able to use TURBO (3.9GHz) Mode!!! These features are tied directly into the stock PSU!
  13. That's a lot of good info you just gave me. My friend showed me that the gpu was working before I bought the computer. This is very strange. I think I have already turned off fastboot but will try turning off secure boot. I'll get back to you when I try that. Thanks for all the help!
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    I got it working by enabling CMS. Now should I be worried about the low power supply? I would consider upgrading it but you mentioned that I wouldn't be able to use turbo mode. Is that important?
  15. That's excellent that you got it working!. Don't worry about the power, your PSU should be fine. The Turbo mode is built-in overclocking of your CPU from 3.5Ghz to 3.9. The extra 400MHz will come in handy for games and programs that are CPU intensive. I wouldn't want to lose that since you can't do any manual overclocking with that motherboard.

    Enjoy your "new to you" GTX 650!
  16. Seriously, thank you so much for your time and help. I would've been lost without you. There is just one thing I want to be sure about with the PSU. Is there any way it will damage any hardware? The minimum power needed for the card is said to be 400W. I know this isn't a power hungry GPU, but I want to be safe!
  17. No it can't damage any hardware. Tech sites that have measured how much the card draws report that at absolute maximum between 65W and 126W (although the higher number was with an OC card and 2560x1440 display).
    Even at the highest draw that still leaves +/- 160W for the rest of your system (which is plenty).

    Just be sure to use some compressed air cans ( = keyboard/electronics cleaner) regularly to keep dust from accumulating in your PC. Also make sure you have good airflow around the front (where the intake fan is) and back (where the PSU exhaust is).

    The reason they say the minimum power requirement is 400W is to cover their butts because cheap PSUs that deliver less (normally PSUs that deliver less than 400W are in and around the 300W range - no offense to your stock PSU ;) ) actually don't provide the amount of Amps on the 12v rail that they state, thus they often don't work at all. So when that happens people start complaining and wanting refunds and writing bad reviews. To avoid all that they just say you need more than you actually do and problem solved, if anyone has power supply issues it's their fault.

    Glad I could help, hope you enjoy your new up-graded PC. :sol:
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