What kind of cooler should I get for i5 2500 non k. It's definitely being oc'd. Also what should my values be for excellent pe

Hello, I have a few questions about over clocking and voltage changing. I built my rig back in 2011, it has an asus Maximus iv gene z, Intel i5 2500 non K, Gtx 570 HD, And I recently put in G Skill sniper series 1866 8gb RAM. So far 3 years later I'm still running games such as Arma3 and Hitman Absolution at ultra, but I find that some games like Splinter Cell BL and BF4 are starting to run choppy unless I lower Anti aliasing and turn off vsync. I'm using stock cooler and have used AI suite and BIOS to mess around with over clocking but I really don't know what I should do with CPU, RAM, and GPU to make everything run smooth as velvet with my mostly obsolete hardware. Also I'm so confused on what Air cooler to get, I want to upgrade all my fans and heatsink. I tried The h100i water cooler but it just would not fit in my mid atx Rosewill Future Gaming case with the Asus micro atx board.
So anyways, what numbers and values should my CPU, GPU and RAM have for excellent performance and what kind of cooler should I get? Up to 100$ budget for cooler.
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  1. The problem is not your CPU, it's your GPU. Sell your GPU and add that $100, overclocking your CPU will help you gain only 5 frames per second max in BF4.
  2. I'm very privy to the fact that I need a new GPU. But I don't see any worth in going for a cheap 750ti. If I'm going for a card it's going to be a 770 2 gb or a 780. I don't have enough to afford that for another couple months

    And who in their right mind would buy a used GTX 570 HD?
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