I have an APU and a dedicated graphics card how do I select which graphics to use?

I am trying to figure out exactly what my new windows 8 desktop can do but when I try and run systemrequirementslab.com to detect what I am capable of running on it, they only detect the APU graphics rather than the dedicated card. How can I switch priorities so that everything runs through the dedicated graphics card?
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  1. Bios :D
  2. ^^ What he said.

    Ok, maybe a little more detail. :)

    1) - you need to read the motherboard manual and find out how to

    a) put it in hybrid graphics mode
    b) disable the APU iGPU and enable the dGPU
    c) connect the video connector cable to the dGPU (ignore this if you're enabling the hybrid crossfire - usually hybrid crossfire requires connection to the APU connectors).

    Doing this will allow you to test your Win8 to your hearts content.
  3. There should be details about which gpu you're using in the catalyst control center. Otherwise look at the northbridge settings in your bios. Lastly, check if windows detects your graphics card in device manager (right click on start and select device manager ---> Display Adapters). You should see HD XXXXD and the dedicated graphics card
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