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I inadvertently purchased the wrong type of SSD for my MoBo. It does have a fancy M.2 slot, but all M.2 compatible SSD's seem way expensive.

The SSD I bought was of the mSATA type, so I picked up an mSATA to SATA adapter.

My question is: Will the adapter cause any noticeable speed differences?
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    No the adapter should not hurt performance at all because it is not actually a bridge just a passive adapter.

    They have a regulator because not all sata power cables have 3.3 volts and I think that is what msata drives use(5 is used on normal 2.5 inch SSD's).
  2. Ahh, thanks for the embellishment. I was wondering what all the circuitry was for if it was just a passive adapter. That explains it all. Thanks again!
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