R9 270 with i5 4440/3350P/3470

i don't know what cpu should I use and will it run bf4 high or ultra above 60fps?

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  1. CPU is not the problem i prefet the 3350p but its last year tech. Go for I5 4570 not the 4440. But you will not be able to play it at 60+ with R9 270.
  2. ok at least and the 4570 is a little high for my budget this is the only i5 that's within my budget
  3. Take the 3570 and 3350p is aaaaaaaaa little better from 4440 but with 4440 you will have more extras in motherboard because is newest.
    So go for 4440 if you cant take the 4570.

    Look here.
  4. well its the 3470 not the 3570 and you mean by extra is............sata 6 n usb3.0 ???
  5. look its I5-3xxx and I5-4xxx is almost the same. But why you wanna buy an I5-3xxx is 2 years old CPU already. Go for I5-4440.
  6. i see that haswell chip is cheap BUT the motherboard is super expensive here in my country however the motherboard for ivy bridge is cheaper
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    ofc is cheaper is 2011-2012 motherboards.

    Even if you take the 4440 or 3350p or 3470 you will not see any difference in game. All three are good for gaming.
    Go for 3350P if you cant effort the money for haswell motherboard.
  8. thanks and will r9 270 handle bf4 ultra at 900p
  9. Hmmm... Look i got the GTX 760 which is almost the same with R9 270X and i play BF4 in ultra with 50-60 fps in 1080p. In 900p with R9 270 maybe you will play at ultra. You can drop some settings in high and medium like shadows etc. and you will be ok :)
  10. thanks for helping me :D bf4 FTW
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