Help me choose a top notch video card for a acer AX3400G-U4802 desk top

What is the best bang for the buck for a Acer AX3400G-U4802 all stock right out of the box , price really doesn't matter , I really don't what to change the power supply , I've already bought a XFX R7750 core edition and tried to install it but I can't get it to work don't know what's up with that , So I just want the best low profile video card my desk top can handle
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  1. Is it a desktop or SFF (short form factor smaller then desktop)? Can you tell us the make and model of power supply.
  2. 220 power supply the name of it is Chicony , Yes its the small case from the factor , yes it is a desk top ....
  3. That power supply is definitely not enough to power a graphic card. There is a graphic card that might run on your pc but it is only for a little gaming. I have used it and played a lot of games on it but all on very minimum settings. It is Geforce 210. They are very cheap and are available you can get that card.
  4. So is this why I can't get this new XFX R7750 core edition to work on my computer it doesn't have any power plugs to the video card and the fan works
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    May be that's why you might as well sell it and buy the one i suggested but don't expect heavy gaming on it.
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