Intel HD Graphics 4600 - Only 1 VGA & 1 HDMI connections, how to do 1080p dual monitor?


I just ordered an Inspiron 3847, with Intel HD Graphics 4600. It came with only one VGA connection and one HDMI connection.

I want to do a dual monitor set up, with Dell P2214H monitors. However, I see that those monitors have DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI-D connections.

It appears to me that there is no easy solution, given the setup. I thought about from the monitor:

I wanted to be able to use the full HD capabilities of both monitors, and I see it states on the website for the Intel HD Graphics Card that it can support up two 3 monitors, in 1080p:!BgxX9

Are there other solutions I am not thinking of? Should I return the computers and ask for a different Video card, with 2 DisplayPort connections or 2 HDMI connections?

Thank you
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  1. how about PC VGA - mon VGA and PC HDMI to mon DVI?
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