Issues with getting my new MSi laptop to play Diablo 3

Hey all,

Just got my MSi laptop delivered today. Thing is gorgeous, but I can't get it run Diablo 3 at a reasonable framerate. I bought the MSi GE70 Apache Pro (i7 4700HQ, GTX 860M, 12 gigs ram, etc..). When I try to play the game it just goes to a black screen, with the cursor usable. I've tried disabling the HD 4600 built-in gpu. The game loads and the screen becomes visible but the fps run at like 1 or 2 (no joke). I also turned down the settings, but that runs equally as slow.

All of this leads me to believe I have a driver issue. I called support and took their advice; I downloaded all the latest drivers for the mobo, chipset and nvidia GPU. Nothing has helped. Oh, and I'm running windows 8.1.

I have not tried any other games. Can anyone shed some light?

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  1. Hey, a quick question.

    Have you tried any other games? Do they work well?
  2. I just tried League of Legends and it runs amazingly. All settings at max and it runs at 80FPS according to fraps.
  3. Best answer
    I checked quickly Blizzard's forums and found this

    Not sure it would help but you could give it a try.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Happy to help :)
    Enjoy your new laptop!
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