WD 1Tb SATA Hard Drive seen by Bios and Device manager but will not populate

WD 1tb hard drive checks good with WD hard drive sofware checker.
Device manager will List the drive, but will not read the drive, returns error "Volume information for this disk can not be found."
Windows 7 Home premium srv 1 fresh clean install on new WD 1Tb SATA Location 0 Channel 0
WD 1Tb SATA Location 0 Channel 1 is listed checked by WD hard drive software checked ready to go.
Lost original 500gb WD SATA drive under unusual events involving malware attacks it dead not recognized by Bios at all. So suggestions? Please
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    How old is the hard drive?
  2. This a new drive? Did you try creating a partition on it in disk manager? Device Manager will see the drive, but Windows can't use it till it's partitioned and formatted.
  3. It a 2 year old 1tb drive that been partition into to two 500gb .
    Western Digital Hard Drive Tools checked drive and pronounced it ready to use.
    Bios shows it active, Windows Device Manager displays WD Id number. but will not populate the Volume information.
    Disk manager does not show it at all.
  4. Try a different SATA cable or port. Trying the drive in another computer may help you narrow down where the issue is.

    See if diskpart can wipe the drive and create a usable partition on it. Assuming you don't need to keep any data from it.

    Run it with the "list disk" command to list the disks, then make the disk you need wiped active, wipe it and create a new partition on it.
  5. If you need to wipe the hard drive, use HDDLLF. Download link:
  6. Strange was getting information off Windows 7 install disk to see how large a usb stick needs to be to contain boot files.
    Hit install exe by mistake, but decided to see what it could find. Well it found T drive and T/2 drive, but could not install there because of partition.
    Shut down install then open explorer and found all files intact. Have not shut down and reloged yet have no Idea whats going on.
    Hope this is permanent.
  7. Do you have any important data on the drive?
  8. All my download files and several game programs.
    Nothing missing now
  9. Okay. do you want to get all of your download files and games off of the hard drive and wipe it?
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