Need For Speed Most Wanted VS Grid 2

any suggestions. i have played both the games but i just want to know others opinion.
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  1. grid 2 required more wheel handling skills while need for speed to me is pretty easy
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    My choice is both.
    they both have their own pros and cons.

    NFS MW:
    the open word structure is amazing.
    auto log is my favourite in that game.
    lots of card available right from the beginning.
    stunning gameplay.
    crash physics is good.
    the open world has been created with perfection

    handling is not very attractive.
    crashing feels too much at some times and too less at sometimes.
    the damages doesn't reflect in handling
    too easy a game

    Grid 2
    very hard (finishing first) when you reach season 5.
    handling is superb.
    the graphics is amazing

    crash physics is not up to standard.
    takes a long time to complete.
    not much vehicle choice(not much from my favourites)
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