ASUS CVFZ + FX-3850 + 16GB Kingston Hyper-x Beast 2133 CL11


Will my ASUS CVFZ with a FX-3850 run with 16GB (out of 32GB kit) Kingston Hyper-X Beast 2133 CL11?
Thanks in advance for your answers!
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  1. I assume you mean the FX-8350?

  2. Yes of course i mean the FX-8350. xD
    So you mean i should not have any problems(like tweaking the timings myself)?
  3. Best answer
    You should be fine.

    You might not necessarily get it up to the specs easily (by memory that's a fair way above standard FX speeds), but you should be able to tweak it nicely.
  4. Thank you very much, you saved me cause i am buying them in like an hour from a guy for 120€ and
    forgot to check if they are compatible(insert facepalm pic). xD
  5. Oh, and btw i want to run them at the stock 1833Mhz of the IMC (for now...muahahahaaa).
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