Distro for Internet cafe style kiosk? with remote control


I am looking for either windows software or a Linux distro which can perform internet cafe style functions:

> Session cleared after each logoff
> Remote control/ remote information of what the computer is doing( browsing, word processing etc). Also be able to extend time or log the computer off from another computer.

Either something that can be installed, or PXE boot image from a server.

Anyone got any good suggestions?
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  1. If you just want to limit the users to using the internet read this http://www.instructables.com/id/Setting-Up-Ubuntu-as-a-Kiosk-Web-Appliance/#step0 This will also work on linux mint.

    Otherwise pretty much any system has cyber café software available, both free and expensive and most if not all of them have free trials. This looks promising http://mkahawa.sourceforge.net/faqs.php
  2. Thanks for the suggestions will have a look! :)
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