Alienware X51 upgrading possibility query

I have an alienware X51 with core i5-3330, 8GB RAM, 240W PSU, GTX 645. I would like to upgrade my GPU without having to switch to the 330W PSU. What is the highest TDP
I can have in a new GPU? Somebody told me the max TDP that I can have for a GPU is 150W but I'm not sure , and therefore this question.
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  1. no offense, but my impression of the alienware is it's build for gaming.

    150w? get a gpu that only use 1 6-pin (or none) . maybe a 750Ti
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    Yes get a GTX 750 Ti. These are extremely power efficient. If you don't have the necessary 6-pin power cable internally for some of the more heavily overclocked GTX 750 Ti's make sure you get one that doesn't need additional power.
  3. There are 2 6-pin power cables inside the case(both lying free). But the 750 Ti is just a minor upgrade from my current gpu. i guess i have to get the 330w supply or mod the supply myself with a modular psu. if i upgrade, im gonna upgrade only to a card giving me more than 2 TFLOPS. Thanks for helping :D
  4. I think you could get an R9 270 under 150W TDP
  5. or get a better psu if possible
  6. u cant change the psu in an x51. its a stock psu(external brick). i will get a separate psu to power only the gpu. thats the best solution.
  7. my bad, never had an alienware
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