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Now before I get to my question I would like to talk a bit about me- I am a 14 year old male and I have quite large hands ( about 20 cm from middle finger to wrist).
Now recently my steel series sensei RAW mouse broke (right mouse button has almost no resistance and sometimes get stuck). Now I am going to go to the store to get a refund. The question is: Should I get the sensei again? Because the sensei feels like a tiny mouse in my hands. (almost like a notebook mouse) This forces me to grip the mouse in a claw-like style which isn't very comfortable (for me anyways), and I can't even use stuff like the Razer Naga Hex. I have been thinking about the getting the Razer deathadder (it seems large enough) Should I get it or is there a better mouse for a gamer with larger hands?
If you have any suggestions please post them! ;)
P.S- I want a mouse with relatively high DPI (preferably on the fly adjustable) and it would be awesome if the software that came with the mouse would be actually usable.
Thanks in advance for the responses ! :D
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  1. what do you think of this bad boy:
  2. ModernWarfare said:
    what do you think of this bad boy:

    Seems good will have to check if it's available in my country thou (I live in Slovakia) And the price seems ok, not like that overpriced Razer BS ( 100 euros for a wirless mouse is just insane)
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    it has very good palm grip for large hands and it isnt one of the very expensive razer mice. this is the 2013 editions maybe you can find the older one with blue light color still pretty good though. it is very big! a photo with a side by side comparison!
  4. Hi
    The Roccat Kone appears to match all your criteria.
  5. makkem said:
    The Roccat Kone appears to match all your criteria.

    The Kone ( by looking at it's dimensions) is roughly about the size of the sensei (even smaller in length by about 0.5cm) However the mouse performance looks epic, I might get that mouse for my younger brother, currently he is gaming on a gigabyte M6900 which has great ergonomics ( it even almost suited my hand) but the sensor inside it is really crappy... ( no shit when it was a 14 euro mice)
    Right now I think that the Deathadder is the only choice because I read that the g500s has some issues with the sensors.. and when i buy a product ( All of my gaming gear has been payed for by me) i really want to be sure that for 99.9% the product will be working right out of the box.
  6. The sensai must be a big mouse as the Kone is the largest that I have used,I have hands that are 1 cm smaller than yours and with the palm of my hand flat on the mouse my middle finger just reaches the front of the mouse.
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