How can I overclock my CPU??

My CPU is Intel i5 4440 @ 3.10 GHZ
And the motherboard is Gigabyte H87M-D3H that uses the UEFI dual BIOS system.
So I want to overclock to a secure limit(not so high, may be upto to 3.90 Ghz)
Please anyone help me because I don't have any idea to tweak the BIOS.

(If possible plz describe in steps, this will help me to understand your viewpoint )
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  1. IF the chip is not unlocked than you can not OC it. The 4440 is not an unlocked
    On Intel chips the 'K' after the model number indicates whether the chip is unlocked or not. ex: 3570k, 4670k
  2. TG is correct. You cannot overclock the i5 4440 like an Intel K processor (eg 4670k, 4770k, 3570k etc). In order to overclock you need an Intel K processor as well as an Z chipset (Z87 or Z77 (and a few older versions)). What you are experiencing is the down side to purchasing Intel Processors. Very few are actually overclockable whereas every AMD CPU can be overclocked.

    The only way that you might be able to increase the frequency of your CPU is the old fashioned way, increasing the FSB. Even than, few H chipset motherboards support this and it's not worth it due to Turbo Clock.

  3. isn't it possible to oc a bit? (besides the one mentioned), but only up to the turbo of the procie
  4. H87 series motherboard do not have overclocking functionality. If you want to overclock, you need a z87 motherboard.
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    Cons29 said:
    isn't it possible to oc a bit? (besides the one mentioned), but only up to the turbo of the procie

    There are only two ways to overclock. Either unlocked multiplier or by raising the FSB (Front Side Bus). If the CPU is a Intel K, you would overclock by the multiplier. I have seen a few (very few) H87 motherboards that support increasing the FSB. However, there's no point to do this because it's basically done with Turbo Core.
  6. OK thanks, guys. I understood what u all are telling.
    Disappointed not to overclock, but Happy :)
  7. It's not completely necessary to overclock now. It's more of a hobby. It may help in the long run for those who hold out on upgrading. However, considering the low performance gains of Intel's last two Gens, it turned into somewhat of a hobby.

    Happy Gaming.
  8. Thanks, Barto :)
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