Car Subwoofer.. Car battery or PC PSU?


I have a car subwoofer and AMP and I want to connect them to the computer but dont know which power source to use.. Should I use a car battery or a PSU? My parents are dicks and they think a car battery will blow the house down :(
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  1. 1. Your parents aren't dicks

    2. You can't power a sub from a PC PSU

    3. Just get a 110-12V converter. No problems.
  2. USAFRet said:
    1. Your parents aren't dicks

    2. You can't power a sub from a PC PSU

    3. Just get a 110-12V converter. No problems.

    I have no idea what the 110-12V converter is. I have seen videos on YouTube where the person uses a computer's PSU to power the amplifire and subwoofer so I do not know why you say, you can't use it.

    I think if I use the car battery, I should be fine while keeping it constantly charged.

    I really do not see what the risk can be in using a car battery to power a subwoofer and amp when a car battery is made to power a car!.. Fair enough if I use the battery for too long it will cause problems and overheat etc but im only looking to get the subwoofer to work for around 20minutes max as I already have a subwoofer and speakers for normal use. Shouldnt the car battery be able to run the subwoofer for 20minutes max without causing a fire!?
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    110v - 12v DC power converter.
    You plug it in the wall, and plug your car devices into it

    Won't blow anything up.

    If some dude on youtube has powered a car subwoofer from a standard PC PSU, then you might want to ask him how it's done.
    I would not recommend it.
  4. The main issue is if you overcharge the battery. Or try to charge a toast battery.

    You should be able to use a PC PSU, but they're not built for the short surges in current used by amps. You'd need a seriously good one.
  5. So you are all suggesting I should use a car battery instead of a PSU? I was already wanting to use the car battery but wasnt sure.

    Im not going to use the subwoofers more than 20minutes max anyway so I dont see how I will over charge the car battery or toast it.

    If anything goes wrong will it cause any damage to the house? Its the last thing I want blown up.
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