How to speed up bridge internet speed

I bridge the my 3g with router from my pc (3G->router). 3G works great on pc but from router is very slow (0.4Mbts internet speed). However, speed between, pc, router and devices conneted to it (LAN) is 100Mbts. For example: I connect my smartphone whit pc by remote desktop and it's work perfect (no lag). I don't know where is the proplem whit internet. Pls help.
P.s. I did't edit the router.
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  1. So your setup is 3g usb drive -> PC - > router?

    The 100mbps is your speed accross the router from its inner-networked devices, this is what it is supposed to be.

    The issue is probably in your PCs ability to bridge the 3g stick to your router.

    To do this properly you just need to get a router that can accespt 3g/4g modems
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