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Alright so I recently setup a client. He decided to go out and buy a Netgear NightHawk R9000 AC router. He also bought a Motorola Surfboard modem from best buy. I set the modem up and the router. The ac router is strictly used to connect into his server running windows SB 2011. running through a sonicwall

After port forwarding we were able to access his server on our phones and he did it in front of us on his Mac with RD.

Both internal and external access worked that day.

Next day he goes over to nantucket and calls us because he cant get in????????? now none of it works . so far ive thought of

1. sonicwall is set fine since we were all able to access the server remotely
2. maybe address changed?
3. does he need static ip issue from comcast
4. do you need to set up port forwarding on both modem and router

help would be greatly appreciated. I have never dealt with sonicwall or ac router or RD on mac to windows. just starting up company and have hit a sh##storm already
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  1. A modem doesn't use port forwarding, I don't think. It's usually intended for single devices. If it offers the option, you may want to make sure it is forwarded properly too.

    As for the IP issue, and assuming you're using Windows RDP, make sure port 3389 is properly forwarded to the unit. You will want a static IP for the server's internal IP, and then just set up the dyndns client with a free username for automatically updated external access.
  2. thanks for the support. Canadianvice I will try this solution and get back to you. i am jumbled up dealing with this sonicwall. Id assume that doesnt need to be touched since there was access through it before
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    You need either a static IP from comcast or setup a Dynamic DNS service so that your router reports the IP address change to the service. You then connect via the url provided by your DDNS provider instead of your IP.

    I use this and so on any of my outside connections I try to make to my home server I use (myusername).(myddnsprovider).com
  4. I hate to ask the obvious, but you didn't test internally from the network only, right?
    Is Sonicwall a firewall? If so, explicitly port forward, never count on implicit to work.

    I learned that lesson the hard way more than once. If you want it to work, you have to take care of everything manually.
  5. Port forwarding Terminal Services port on the Sonicwall is pretty simple for business-class firewall systems. You do have to find the Terminal Services group (has both TCP and UDP for port 3389) to allow forwarding to the correct designated addresses. There are two parts here, 1) setting up NAT which translates the outside port from the internet to an internal port and points it at a specific IP address (that of your server.) And 2) setting up Firewall allow rules. You will have to allow access from any IP on the WAN, using Terminal Services (UDP and TCP port 3389) to the WAN interface IP address of your Sonicwall, and then allow that service through to your firewalled network where your server resides.

    However, if this all was working previously and suddenly isn't working, I'd imagine this is a problem with IP addresses that have changed, not configuration settings.

    First, your inside IP address. Is your server set up with a static IP address, or does it have DHCP set up? You definitely want to set a static IP address so it's address isn't continually changing. Second, your outside IP address. Does your internet provider currently have you on a static IP address or do you have a dynamic IP? Most of the times unless you are specifically set up (and paying for) a static address, you will have a dynamic address. In this case the best option is to purchase a single static IP address so that your outside address isn't continually changing. The other option is to set up Dynamic DNS which adds one more piece of complexity to it, but generally I've had work pretty well for this sort of thing.
  6. thank you very much for the support. This client just went out and bought expensive hardware for absolutely no reason then comes back to us to install it when we already set the rest of his network up. so no static IP and hes running this motorola surfboard which is junk to begin with but best buy told him to get that and a Nighthawk AC
  7. Well yeah, he needs wireless AC router for his hardwired server, you need the good wireless for the remote connections from out of town.

    I get this too often myself, client goes out and decides they want X capability so without consulting me they go buy either the wrong piece of equipment or get suckered into buying something twice as expensive then what they need (and usually less stable).
  8. Well it stopped to work a day after the setup. In my opinion you should check Windows Firewall and GPOs recently applied, more specifically this one "Allow users to connect remotely using Remote Desktop Services"..

    Ignacio Pitasi
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