How to find a quieter CPU fan for AMD A4-5300 Socket-F

I have a AMD A4-5300 Socket-F on an ASRock FM2A88X-ITX inside a Mini-ITX case.
Mostly, the CPU temp is 20-40C but occasionally rises to 76C. The (stock) CPU fan then runs at max speed and is way too noisy for the bedroom.
So I need a quieter (and more efficient) fan for this CPU. How to decide which? I don't know the decibel rating of the stock fan.

Also, the CPU temp will remain at 76C if I leave the system booted into the BIOS menu. Is this normal? (it will cool down when I boot Linux)
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  1. hyper 212 evo is a good fan for about £25. I would also reccomend a new cpu because if you play games that is the reason why it is getting hot, because it cant handle most things
  2. I've searched for you cpu and it says its a socket fm2??, if so this is if you have space for the extract fan this wouldn't be a bad option as it'll provide you with more space around your processor but it is a bit pricey :(
  3. I would suggest either a cooler master evo, or tx3 but Im using an atx tower type case with a width of 17.5 cm and the tx3 just fits into that. SO if your thinking of one of those two cooling units be careful when considering the space reqiurements and add a few cm's allowance for the motherboard and the mounting brackets etc ;)
  4. maybe best going for either the liquid cooling type or maybe another low profile type of cooling, i think you will struggle to find anything as good as the liquid cooling that will fit in a mini itx case tho!
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    Forget those towers or closed loops, you're not overclocking with that processor and just asking about noise. Your CPU is only 65w, this thing should be super quiet and fit in almost any case. I'd measure RAM clearance but that should be ok too. Only $17.
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