Overclocking CPU - AMD Athlon(tm) 7550 Dual-Core Processor

I have this compnents, how much i will be able to overclock my CPU?

Motherboard - Gigabyte Technology Co - GA-M52L-S3P
AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core processor 2.50 GHz
AMD Radeon 7770 Powercolor GHz Edit. 1GB/DDR5
500W LC Power LC500H-12, V2.2
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    Should be able to hit 3.2GHz on the stock cooler, 3.4 is where most of the chips max out apparently.
  2. how do i know which my stock cooler is? and how high can i go with oc? is 3.2ghz safe for this motherboard and this power supply?
  3. Stock cooler means the one that comes in the box with the processor, so if you're using the one that came in the box then it's stock--if not then you're using aftermarket and should overclock better.

    Yeah, I'd aim for 3GHz first and if you can get it stable then maybe try 3.2GHz.
  4. im using one that comes with processor
  5. Okay, definitely aim for 3GHz first and if you're feeling frisky try 3.2GHz on for size!
  6. I overclock it on 2.7 and my temperature is about 50-55 celsius, is it normal or i have to switch it back to default?
  7. That's fine, you don't want it any hotter than 70°C
  8. i launched bf3 multiplayer and temperature was 80 celsius, i switched back to 2.5 , i dont wanna fu** up my computer :P
    maybe i does something wrong, how much cpu voltage i have to set when OC
  9. You should leave voltage at auto or stock and only increase it slightly if you're unstable.
  10. Then temperature will be lower than 55?
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