want to wipe my drive but I don't have OS disk to re-install

I want to completely reset my computer to its original settings with nothing on it besides the operating system. I don't have an OS disk to re-install my windows 7 so if I wipe my hard drive and it deletes my windows 7 I have no way of re-installing it. What are my options here because I really don't want to go buy a new windows 7 disk.
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  1. Since you don't have an OS disk I'm not sure you can get back to your original settings. I'm guessing you bought the machine with a pre-installed OS so there might be a hidden partition on the disk that you could reinstall from. Check with the vendor for the specific procedure to use.

    If that option isn't available you might look at some of the tuneup software available to get rid of orphaned programs, do registry cleanup, etc. That might be a better option anyway because after you reset it back to original you will still need to install driver updates that have been released since you bought it.
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    It all depends on how your OS came to be installed on your machine. If you have an OEM version that came pre-installed then there should be an option or piece of software provided by the manufacturer to create recovery disks.

    Look at the licence sticker that should be somewhere on the machine, it will tell you whether you have an OEM version or a retail version.

    If you have a retail version you can download the relevant ISO from and burn it to DVD or create a bootable USB. One thing to mention, though, is that you cannot download a retail version of Windows and use an OEM serial key.

    If you have no sticker then it indicates that your OS is pirated, as it is a requirement that the licence sticker is attached to the outside of the machine
  3. you should have your product key at the very least right? simply download the iso file for your version of windows and using imgburn,burn it to a dvd and use the dvd and your existing product key to reinstall windows. download the iso here.

    never mind look at the post above mine.
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