old HP desktop computer - CPU temp over 90

first , i want to say sorry about my bad english - it's not my main language

i have Desktop computer from HP with AMD processor , something wrong with it temp , it's up to over 90ْ , i checked the fan , heat sink and the article thermal (i don't know it name) , everything is alright

always i see temp on BIOS start with 80ْ or more and in just 5 to 10 sec i got over 90ْ then shutdown , but Physically , the temperature is normal (test it with my hand - it was warm like 50ْ - touch CPU heat sink and touch motherboard form back side to feel the heat with my hand , it was warm near to cool )
then i checked IC's and transistors randomly i found one IC has a very high temperature , i couldn't touch it cuz it's temperature , when i touch it , sometime in BIOS i got 0ْ @ cpu temperature then shutdown

here is this IC

is this IC who did this problem ? should i exchange this IC to fix the problem ? or there something else can i do ?

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    Hmm... I see a lot of excess thermal paste oozing off from the CPU. You have far too much thermal paste on there. Too much thermal paste insulates the CPU temperature, so although the heatsink is very cool, the CPU may not be. This is because the heat is trapped beneath the thermal paste, and therefore not spreading through the heatsink.

    Try cleaning off the thermal paste, and then reapply, using the Middle Dot method:

    1. Use about a 2/3 pea-sized dot on the center of the CPU
    2. Attach the heatsink, carefully, to allow even pressure on the CPU
    3. Boot up your system and check the temperature in the BIOS.
  2. i did - i cleaned the CPU surface and Heatsink then put new thermal paste , same problem , the problem not start from first sec , sometimes computer work over 1 hour with temp around 60ْ then suddenly temperature rise to over 90ْ in just 1 sec .

    another thing : why this IC in picture has a very high temp , also when i try to Cooling it , cpu temp get cooling too ?

    and now i want to know . is there a problem in this IC , should i exchange it ??

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