is this a decent gaming rig for playing COD, Battlefield games, Steam Games so on and so on

So far this is my rig, a asus a55m-e with an AMD A4-4000 APU OC at 3.4GHZ, 8GB of DDR3, a basic dvd ram drive (lightscribe is the brand), a samsung 500GB HDD, and a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7750 1GB OC 880MHz but ive Overclocked that to 900MHz now
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  1. Nope, being totally honest you will need to upgrade soon.
  2. That's what you have now, or plan on buying? No point in buying an APU if you're adding a GPU. Depending on your resolution and expectations for framerate and settings quality, I would say it's 'decent' for low/medium settings.
  3. this is my rig now i bought the mobo and apu in a bundle.....but im getting a new processor this weekend....ive played bf3 at medium settings and just a few steam games like TF2 and L4D2 ON VERY HIGH SETTINGS.... but if i have a budget of 80 bucks whats the best processor i should get?
  4. the socket on the mobo btw is fm2....and i live right down the road from frys electronics and they have a A10-5800k that is clocked at 4.2 GHZ its quad core too will that help a bit
  5. Yeah the A10 would be much better for gaming, especially with the newer games like BF4. Though, you won't see too much difference if you're using the 7750
  6. o ok ill probably go with the A10 then.....i just bought he 7750 a couple weeks ago....a buddy of mine has the radeon 6850 he told me the 7750 is just a bit under the 6850 when it comes to gaming so thats why i bought it i cant really afford just to buy another one so ill probably keep it and just play older cod games maybe a little bf4
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    I just realized you can hook up the A10 and 7750 in dual graphics for better performance :) you'll see pretty decent performance doing that :)
  8. idk i heard that when you use dual graphics with a dedicated gpu and an apu that it actually has less performance...ill do some more digging though....thanks for your help!! (:
  9. Only in some games, and when you're using unbalanced parts. Wouldn't hurt to try it at any rate :) lol good luck!
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