I tried to install new drivers from Nvidia and it went wrong.

I have been using the "Geforce Experience" to update my drivers which is normal. But the software has never worked properly. It always fails and I spend two hours or more every time trying to get it to install. This time is no different with driver 335.23. I also tried downloading the driver directly and installing and the progress bar never moved for install. Why is this happening? Do i need to manually find the old drivers and get rid of them?

p.s. Also I currently have the software open and it wont let me do anything else while it tries to install but its not working. Its on Windows 8.1
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    hi mate
    the recent nvidia drivers have been quite poor and many guys with older cards ( eg gtx400,500 series ) have reported some serious problems such as bsod and system freezes ... from what i know these have not been fixed and the last stable driver is 314.22 .... when installing this allways run a custom installation and then tick the box marked "clean install" .. also dont select geforce experience ... this has also been causing problems and it will be some time before it actually works the way it should ( and have more game profiles )
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