Looking for an Intel 1155 socket CPU, and a cheap/powerful graphics card

Basic requirements: Just trying to play Elder Scrolls Online with no FPS lag.

Question 1: I'm not asking to max out the video enhancements on the game, I just want to run it at full "high sampling quality", "high textures", and "high particle density". I'm leaning towards the i5's for around $180 (give-or-take). Though, would it be worth buying an i7 for $120+ more?
Question 2: What graphics card for around $100-$150 should I get?
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  1. A gtx 750ti is a pretty solid card around that price range.
  2. Nooo. The i7 is not worth it compared to an i5 if you're only spending $100-$150 on a video card.
    I second the suggestion for a GTX 750 TI.

    However, if you have $120 extra sitting around that would otherwise go towards an i7, then a GTX 760 would be much stronger.
  3. Thank you!!! But wait, that being said, I am guessing this implies that even if I got an epic $2000 graphics card (not happening), the i5 wouldn't be able to use the $2000 graphics card to its full potential. That makes sense.

    One more question. I already have an i5 (3rd gen) on my laptop, with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. Would I be improving my scenario by going from:
    1) Only i5, on a laptop that gets REALLY hot
    2) i5 and the GTX 750, for my [currently useless] desktop

    Am I really "upgrading" much?
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    Assuming I understand what you're asking, a 750 TI is a huge upgrade from Intel HD 4000 graphics.
    A 660 or 760 would be a much bigger upgrade, of course, and an i5 also wouldn't bottleneck them at all. A decent i5 will really only bottleneck a $1000+ card, not something like a 660 or 760 in the $200 range.

    Still at the $100-$150 price range it doesn't get better than a GTX 750 TI.
  5. Cheers! Learned more about CPUs and GPUs in about 2 minutes than I've learned in 3 years of university doing computer science.
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