Can't set GPU fan speed higher than 63%

Help guys, Just got the replacement of my GTX 650 and i can't set the fan speed higher than 63%. already tried it using MSI afterburner and Palit Thunder Master.
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  1. That may be a natural built-in limit. It's pretty common for manufacturers to set a limit well-below 100% on their fan speeds.

    Why are you trying to run your fans at 100%? Are you looking to generate some more noise to drown out the neighbors?
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    I also have a GTX650(Gainward) and I can set the speed to 100%, but in MSI afterburner, you need to turn auto off.(Be warned, however, it makes a high pitched scream if you set it to 100%).
  3. what seems to be the problem? is your GPU getting very hot while playing certain games? i have a GTX 770 2GB and i have been playing battlefield 4 in ultra settings.. my fan has been at about 69 - 72% while the temperature has been around 69C. if you go to setting in ASI Afterburner, you can can click on the fan button and click on the enable user automatic fan button.. from there you can actually press the force fan speed update on each period. it will make your fan go faster, give it a try. But if your temperatures are low enough.. then i would not bother touching it.
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