Advantages and Disadvantages of AMD vs Itel for gaming

What are the Pros and Cons of the AMD FX-8350 and the Intel i5-4670k when it comes to gaming? (WoW, NFS, CoD, Titanfal, BF4)
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  1. You'll have more FPS with Intel, you'll pay less for AMD.
  2. i5 4670k = Four strong cores
    FX 8350 = Eight weak cores
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    AMD FX-8350:
    + Cheap
    + Acceptable performance in most cases, & performing no different than the 4670K in some games usually in 3rd person action/adventure or most FPS.
    + 6+ cores in the event that next gen games are far more optimized for more weaker cores over fewer faster ones.
    + capable of High OC

    - Slower per core performance, performing as bad as an i3 in such situation.
    - Some games prefer faster dual cores over weaker octo-cores, evident with Starcraft II.
    - Requires a high OC (nearing 5ghz, i hear) to match an i5's performance. at stock. high OC = increased power consumption.
    - Frame time not as good (though still within acceptable range) against an i5 in some games.

    + faster per core performance
    + Better gaming performance in terms of frame rate and frame time, in most cases.
    + acceptable performance in games that demand more cores (i.e; Crysis 3).
    + integrated GPU in the event your discrete GPU craps out on you.

    - expensive.
    - Can't OC as high as AMD's, and runs hot when OCed.
    - if it matters, outside of gaming, bad performance/price in multi-core applications.
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  5. AMD:
    Okay cores, although they are great for bitcoin mining.
    Usually have lots of cores. Depending on which cpu you get.
    Run higher GHZ usually.
    Great on board graphics.

    Fewer Cores
    Super fast for gaming
    Run lower GHZ
    They are best for gaming.
    Graphics on the chip suck.
    Usually you have to get a Graphics Card.
    They are a lot faster.

    Personally I am an intel guy just out of preference.
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