Maximus VI mobo - which SATA ports to connect SSD/HDD to?

Hello, I've recently just built my rig which includes a Maximus VI motherboard, samsung 250gb SSD (primary drive, has OS on it), and I am trying to get my 1TB seagate barracuda HDD to work with the motherboard as well. When I hooked up the HDD I got two new drives, one of which read 'reserved partition' with nothing on it, and the other which had some old documents on it, so I am assuming I did this installation wrong. I'd honestly like to wipe this HDD clean.

I have a total of four SATA connectors all of which are red, each with two connections. From top to bottom, they read as follow: SATA6G_1, SATA6G_2 (below the previous), SATA6G_3, SATA6G_4 (below the previous), SATA6G_5, SATA6G_6 (below the previous), and the last red SATA connection has a different section in the MOBO guide, and the only difference I can tell is that instead of being an intel sata connector, it read 'Asmedia' sata connector. The connector for this one reads SATA6G_E1, and SATA6G_E2 (below the previous).

I have four connections that need to be made; the SATA connection from my main SSD, the connection from my CD drive, the connection from my HDD, and a red connection that is made to the chasis (cooler master HAF 922) that I am unsure about its function (would love to know this as well). I'd just like to know which specific ports each SATA connection needs to go into.
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    Boot Drive on G1, then preferably in order of importance (or use), if I put anything anything on the ASMedia slots, it's usually the optical drives
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