future proof a radeon 280x or 770nvidia with memory is it important enough?

I was wondering if getting a graphics card with extra memory such as a NVidia 770 standered 2gb memory but would it be at all beneficial to pay the extra and get 4gb memory on the card? or in the case of a radeon 280x standered ram is 3gb would it be overkill to get the new one by msi that has 6gb of memory? in what situations whould all the extra memory be beneficial?
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  1. The extra memory(past 2gb) is mostly for gaming at resolutions higher than 1080p ie 1440p or multi screens. 2gb shouuld be plenty for 1080p gamin but if you really anted more the 280x with 3gb is more than enough for gaming at 1080p. If youre looking at gaming in resolutions like 1440p, then opting for 4gb or vram may be a good option.
  2. well I do intend to upgrade the monitor this year sometime for 1440p however would 3gb be enough ram for gaming at that resolution? in particular iv been eyeing that game elder scrolls online I noticed the graphics file is huge at 60gb
  3. Those extra vram will currently benefit you in gaming at a resolution higher than 1080p (don't expect it to handle gaming at 4K though) and/or using hundreds of graphic enhancing mods (i.e; Skyrim).

    future proofing with higher vram is a tough call assuming you're sticking with 1080p. not many games require more than 2GB currently, and when it does need a few hundred mb of vram, a 2GB GPU can still handle it. I doubt there'd be a large influx of games requiring 3GB within the next 2 years. after that though, you should be able to afford a better GPU for the same costs of a 280X/770 now, if you even need it in the first place.
  4. If you plan on upgrading to 1440p this year then yes I would suggest either the 3gb r9 or the 4gb 770. However, I dont think eso will be your main worry because it is not as graphically intense as other aaa titles, especially b/c of how limited they are graphically b/c it is an mmo. Crysis on the other hand is pushing close to 2gb on 1080p so for 1440p the 4gb 770 is probably your best bet at this price point although you will not be able to max the crysis'esque games out at 1440p
  5. ok thanks, and the next order of business would be about wich would power a 4k monitor better as far as graphical detail and such since the radeon have dx 11.2 and open gl 4.3 and the NVidia card is older and lacks the dx 11.2 and open gl 4.3does the 280x have better quality graphics then a 770 or are they close enough the same quality I wont notice? I know most people go for FPS may sli or crossfire them down the rd just want to go with quality for now
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    for 4k gaming you shouldnt even be looking at a gtx 770 or r9 280x. You would have to look at the r9 290x or 780ti and even then probably sli/crossfire them just to max out everything and get above 40-50fps. If you really want to get into 4k gaming and you want to max out everything youre probably going to spend at least 1000-1500 on the gpus just to get playable fps. Another option if youre still inticed by 4k gaming is the newely announced titan z. This could be a single gpu option for 4k but it comes in at $3000
  7. so as for wich has 6gb of ram would that be somewhat overkill and useless to have that much graphics ram on a 280x
  8. yes imo b/c you would never get the fps high enough to take advantage of the ram. if you had everything maxed on a 4k and it was ising more than 4gb of vram, you would only get like 10 fps with that 280x. In all other applications, even in 1440p 4gb of vram is plenty and is quite literally more than you would ever need because to use more than 4gb of vram you would have to have a super powerful gpu, much more than the gtx 770. Just remember you wont be able to ax games out at 1440p with the 770 but you can always sli them.
  9. with the 280x I wonder what the implacations of mantle would have since it reduces cpu load id be to guess it uses slightly more memory but my guess is even with mantle 3gb would be enough
  10. WINTERLORD said:
    with the 280x I wonder what the implacations of mantle would have since it reduces cpu load id be to guess it uses slightly more memory but my guess is even with mantle 3gb would be enough

    Even with mantle 3gb is plenty, I dont think mantle will make a big difference with this higher level gaming unless your cpu was he bottleneck. When the cpu is not bottlenecking mantle gives at most 5 or so fps in real appliction so unless they make vast improvements in a ery short amount of time, it should not affect the vram very much at all.
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