My 2 SSD Drives in raid 0 get lower benchmark scores than a single drive

Ok so I have 2 identical crucial m500 120gb SSD drives.
I wanted to increase performance in my new gaming PC so I first had one in and tested the read speeds using HDTune and I got a minimum of 156MB/s and a max of 456 MB/s average 276MB/s
I also tested with skyrim and Starcraft 2 for loading times.

I put the other drive in the system and I setup the raid in the bios and then installed win7 making sure to have the same drives and software ran the test again with the same system and got lower overall scores than the single drive.
The min was 144MB/s and max 495MB/s with a lower average from the single at 256MB/s.

I noticed no improvement in loading times in either game also.

Can anyone shed some light on why this might be the case? I understand that in real world terms there might be little increase but I was definitely expecting a significant increase in benchmark performance at least.

Thanks heaps for your help!!
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  1. I'm tempted to say that's just how it is, but can we get some more details first.
    What sort of RAID did you set up? 0? 1? Some proprietary name?
    What motherboard are you using? Which ports are the drives connected to?
  2. care to share your hardware specs?
  3. Hey guys, sorry for the delay.
    I am running:

    i5 4670k
    asus gryphon z87
    Kingston Beast 16GB
    GTX770 2GB Edition
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    The trial version of HDPro only tests read speeds. The paid version supports read and write, but the write test is destructive -- you can't run it on a drive with a partition. When testing read speeds on a volume with data on it, you'll see dramatically lower read results where there is data on the drive. If you have the first 10% of a volume holding OS and apps, you'll see the read speeds there much lower than empty portions.
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