How do I transfer a file to a windows 98 virtual machine?

So I'm running windows 98 on vmware and I want a file on there. The problem is I can't seem to download the file from the internet and I can't seem to email it to myself. I've also tried a USB but that doesn't seem to work. So is it possible?

Update: So since no one answered my question I decided to solve it myself and I found a shared folder option. The only problem is when I go to options and go to the shared folder option and then select where the directory for the file is, I cannot for the life of me figure out where the hell this shared folder is location and how I can access it. So how can I access the shared folder? Again if no one understands this then at least tell me and I'll try to make it more clear but don't just straight up ignore me if you don't understand the question.
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  1. I'll tell you how I do this on a Win 7 PC with a XP mode VM.

    The files that I want to transfer I copy onto a flash drive. Then I start the VM (XP Mode) and while in XP Mode I open Windows Explorer. My drives and files are visible. This might work for Win 98.
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