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Hi All, I'm looking to build a mini ITX gaming box and while doing my investigations for the build i've come across a confusing problem for me. oh and i'm pretty new to building stuff so don't really have a full understanding yet of all the bits and what they mean or do so please be bear with me.

The board I'm looking at is the Asrock Z87E-ITX but (and here's the confusion part) the official website (http://) states it has 6 x SATA 3 which as I'm building this setup with 2 x 250Gb ssd I would have preferred SATA 6. However, in most reviews (eg http://) they say the board has 6 x SATA 6?!?! Hence my confusion. Even the pictures of the board sata the SATA 3 on it so which does it have? SATA 6 or SATA 3? If it is actually SATA 3 would I be better at getting another board ?!? if yes which?

Thanks in advance
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  1. At the moment, SATA3 is the fastest u can get so "6 x SATA 3" = 6 ports of SATA3 connections are correct.

    SATA6 have to be typo error or they have invented the time machine and bring it back from future :P
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    It's just a terminology issue, it has the ports you want/need.

    There is no such thing as SATA6 (yet). Many people (including myself) will occasionally muddle things by referring as SATA3 as SATA6, as it runs at 6Gbit/s.

    For reference, the outdated SATA1 standard ran at 1.5Gbit/s, SATA2 which is still very common on both older motherboards and as a secondary feature on modern boards runs at 3Gbit/s, and the current basic standard is the aforementioned SATA3 which runs at 6Gbit/s.
  3. @ ttcboy and @rammy thanks both for this clarification. Makes loads more sense. Geez guess I'd better get my head into the hardware books hehe.
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