What graphics cards are compatible with an AMD A8 6600k CPU?

I have just rebuilt my PC, at the time I was limited to how much I could spend. In the end I went for an Asrock FM2A75 pro4+ motherboard, AMD A8 6600k CPU. Basically was wondering what graphic cards would work with this system? I would like an R9 270 and disable the graphics on the CPU. Would this work?
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  1. Every card that's currently being manufactured (and 99% of the older ones) will work with your motherboard. The question is: What PSU do you have?
  2. I have a Corsair CX750. Basically was wondering although the A8 6600k has built in graphics could I get for example the R9 270, disable the onboard graphics and still run it? if that makes sense?
  3. Yes you can disable the on-board graphics and use the R9 270, I only asked about the PSU because you should have at least 500W to run a system with a GPU like this, but yours could probably run 2 of them in crossfire so no issues there. :D
  4. Out of the R9 270 and 270x which would you recommend? By disabling the on-board graphics I won't have issues with bottle necking or anything like that would I?
  5. 270x is a good to go with
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    You probably won't be bottlenecked (maybe in really CPU-intensive games), but considering that your CPU is not the most powerful one out there, I wouldn't go any higher than R9 270X. It's on the same level with the GTX 760 which I have and trust me, it's worth getting if you've got the money.
    Whether you're going for the R9 270X or the GTX 760 is completely up to personal preference and local prices.
    According to this the GTX 760 performs a tad better but it costs a little bit more, at least if you're from the US.
  7. I am sure the GTX 760 is an amazing card, but as I got AMD I was always told never to have Geforce, the other thing is that the mother I have isn't SLI compatible. Instead it is CrossfireX. I am also in the UK and R9 270x will be cheaper for me to buy
  8. I can pick up a R9 270x for $247.99
  9. so go for the cheapest if price is the issue there . . both cards are good . will be happy with either one
  10. Carlsberg47 said:
    I can pick up a R9 270x for $247.99

    Well if that's the case go for it! As I said the prices will basically be up to your country as they can vary even within the EU. You won't be disappointed with your card. :D
  11. Cheers for the advice guys much appriecated
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