First computer build, everything good?

Processor: Intel I5-4570
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85m-D3H
Video Card: Sapphire R9 270x Dual-X
Hard Drive: Western Digital 750Gb SATA
Memory: Kingston HyperX Blu 4Gb (2x4gb)
ODD: Lite-on DRW-24
PSU: Huntkey Jumper 550w
Chassis: Coolermaster N200

I would spend around $735 on this build, but I am from the Philippines so things would be more expensive here. I will buy a SSD later on... Will this build be okay? Any incompatibilities? Any future problems I might encounter? Please heeelp!

Thank you so much!
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  1. I've never heard of that PSU, it may not be very good. Go for a SeaSonic model instead, if that's available in the Philippines.
    Other than that it looks good. Do you already have an operating system?
  2. It's somewhat surprising to see a good PSU come from a company without many good PSUs. How much are you spending on it? The price in the United States is $95, which would be a bit too high for a 550w PSU.
  3. $56. I am afraid, mostly of the motherboard and case. Are they good?
  4. ksiady said:
    $56. I am afraid, mostly of the motherboard and case. Are they good?

    The motherboard is fine as long as you don't overclock. Really, you couldn't overclock the CPU anyway since it's locked. It is a micro ATX, which I assume is intentional since you're using a small case. As for the case itself, according to the measurements everything should fit and Coolermaster has a good reputation.

    You should wait for a second person to confirm this to be sure, but the case and motherboard look fine to me.
  5. How about the PSU connectors and such, can it power everything?
  6. It's modular, so it should. It's like 4:00 AM here so I don't have the energy to check for sure.
  7. Best answer
    The cpu is perfect. Period.
    The case is AWESOME. I am using it in my most recent build and I love it. Good choice.
    The Motherboard is fine. Good choice going with the B85 instead of H81.
    RAM is fine.
    disc drive is fine.
    750GB hard drive? Typically 1TB hard drives are basically the same price here in the US. Is that not the case there? Other than that it's fine assuming it's sata iii.
    I have never ever heard of that psu brand. That doesn't mean it's bad, but it is the best choice for that build? 500-550w would be plenty. See if you can save some money there. Just make sure you get 80+ Bronze at least.
    The video card is good, but is it the best in that price range there? What other cards are in the similar price range?
  8. Thank you so much for your help!
    The price difference for the 500gb and 750gb is $1, and $10 for the 1TB one.
    It's the best one I could find at that price point and has good reviews, the other option I have is the CoolerMaster Thunder M Modular 520w, which one would be better?
    The PSU I got is 80+ certified.
    I would delay buying my video card and use the iGPU to play only dota2 and plan to buy a gpu later on, I still have time to do some research.

    I am afraid of connecting the different PSU connectors to my MOBO and might make a mistake and it might burn up :| Do you have a resource or point me to the right direction on a tutorial for it?
  9. try Newegg's guide on youtube. it is long but worth the time
  10. I thought about the i5-4430 instead of the i5-4570 because I see no reason to spend an extra $25 for a small gain in performance. Why not just put the $25 to a much better GPU?

    I will mainly use this computer to play dota 2, nba 2k14, and some mmorpgs only. I will also do some light photo/video editting using PS and AE. (Like only once a month! Haha)
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