Monitor not detecting HDMI to DVI-D cable


I am trying to connect my HP DV6 laptop to my LG 22'' monitor using HDMI to DVI-D cable. But neither of the two devices detect the cable, so the display cannot be extended and the monitor says "No Signal. Please check your connection". The HDMI end is plugged to the laptop and the DVI-D end plugged to monitor. Is there anything to do with driver or something?
Any solution/advice are welcomed.
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  1. No they don't require any drivers. Try using another HDMI to Dvi-d cable from neighbors, the cable might be faulty.
  2. can't get any cable from neighbors coz I happened to live in the friendlyless area..I just bought the cable from online store and try to use it but fail =(
  3. What's the site? Why don't go to near It shop or pc shop ask them for the cable they give you and let you check it if it is working. Have you tried newegg.
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