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Recently my adapter for my notebook broke. This is not the first time this happened to me (not same notebook though) so I already have a multi adapter. This multi adapater can be set to a voltage from 15V to 21V.

Now the question
The notebook is rated to 19V => 2,15A so I should be able to use the adapter for this notebook but what I'm confused about is the battery. It says 11,1V on the back of the battery so I'm a bit concerned how the battery will respond on the new adapter. Any ideas?
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    See "Best Solution" response in this thread:

    My Toshiba laptop, original battery and adapter:

    Battery = 10.5 volts
    Adapter output = 19 volts
  2. Thank you. That's what I thought but I couldn't find the orginal adapter as reference. Cheers.
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