"Display Driver Stopped Responding And Has Recovered" R9 270X

I've been having an ever more frequent problem with my new R9 270X. I got it about this time in December and it had a few stability issues but was generally alright. Now I can't run any Source Engine based game without the graphic driver crashing and having to recover. And Source can't survive these periods so I have to restart the game and get it working again.

Sometimes it doesn't happen for hours, sometimes it'll happen every 10 minutes. It's completely random and it's the most aggravating thing ever. I looked up multiple solutions to the problem, none of which worked.

I tried increasing the driver timeout period, it didn't help at all, I tried underclocking my card to see if it could run more stable at a lower clock setting, it didn't help. I tried fresh installing all drivers to the new beta drivers that came out this month, nothing changed. So this leaves me with only conclusion: The card itself is faulty.

I just came here to ask if anyone had any final ideas as to what might be causing this before I RMA my card?

Also general PSA: Don't buy AMD. I've never had problems like this with my old Nvidia card. It wasn't as strong but at least it ran stable.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
AMD FX-8320
8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (11-11-11-28)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 990XA-UD3 (CPU 1)
2048MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 270x
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  1. have you tried uninstalling the drivers using guru display drivers uninstall then reinstalling them again, I had simular issues with my r9 270 then tried using that, going back to the amd site and installing the drivers again and now it works great :)


    I guess you already know the link for the amd drivers but just incase you havn't got it here it is

  2. Matt20020: I've tried it twice now, doesn't seem to ave done anything. Played 5 minutes of Dota 2 and got the error.
  3. hope mine doesnt start playing up like that already getting coil whining from the damn thing :(
  4. Okay I just switched out my new card with my old card and I got 1 crash in Dota, without the display driver message so I think it was a legitimate crash. And then I played a 40 minute game, no problem at all.

    I think it's safe to say it's the card now, right?
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