Which is the best ram for my build?

I have decided to build a pc after a long time (5 years) and i have come down to this

Intel 4770k i7
Asus Maximus VI Hero
Corsair AX860i
GTX 780ti
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
Seagate Barracuda 1TB
Corsair H100i Cooler

I am clueless about which RAM should i choose. I have see Corsair vengeance pro and G.skill Trident x Series. Also im not sure which frequency to choose between 1600 and 1866. My use for this build will be mostly gaming and little bit of editing and after effects. Help is very much appreciated and is there is any other ram best suited for my needs?
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  1. Nice computer by the way
  2. Memhorder said:
    Nice computer by the way

    Thank you.

    could you be specific about the brand and will it be suited for my needs?
  3. uh well? I've always liked G Skill. They are a company mostly focused on RAM. Corsair Domintaor, Kinston Hyper X, Mushkin, Patriot. All good brands. You can't really go wrong. Just go for a low Latency. Which is CL number. CL of 8 or 9 is usually pretty good. Of course at a 1600 Mhz Frequency. If it's just for Gaming go for 8 Gigs too. That's plenty for most all applications
  4. Any of the G.Skill Trident X series will go perfectly with that system. It's the best RAM on the market so you can't go wrong.

    DDR3-1866 is great if you don't plan to overclock. With overclocking, DDR3-2400 would be great especially when dealing with large files.

    Thank you
  5. Best answer
    +1 on the GSkill Trident Xs,

    especially with the Hero and 4770K, I've got the 32GB 2666/11 set of Tridents (in sig), and have run most all the Trident sets in my rig at one time or another, Next best sticks I've had on the rig are the Various Sniper sets in 1866/9, 2133/9 (and 10) along with the 2400/11
  6. Well there you have it. G Skill themselves. Right on.
  7. Thank you very much for the answers. I have chosen the Trident x series 16GB 1866/8. Although i see that its 1.6v, will that be any problem with the board and processor i have got?
  8. No, not at all, these are high performance sticks, should love 'em :love:
  9. That clears it then. Thank you very much for the replies :D
  10. No worries
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