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I am looking to purchase a machine that will serve as a development machine. On this I will be using Visual Studio and have need of running two to four virtual machines at a time. The virtual machines are not critical, so up time is not key. They will be used for testing applications on various platforms. So for instance I might have my SQL Server VM running and a Win 7 and Win 8 VM open testing my application against the OS.

The company normally prefers to utilize Dell but I am curious if something such as the high end XPS found here would be preferable or should I be looking into something such as the Precision T7600 using a Xeon e5-2630 with 32 GB DDR3 ECC, 2 TB 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s?

I have never purchased a Xeon before, so I have a hard time finding out if there is a need for it vs the i7 if I am not going to need the machine to have 100% uptime.
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  1. The XPS would be fine; even a much less powerful system with 16GB of memory would meet your requirements.
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