I have an old Gateway case (ATX) and a new MSI A55M-E33 board (mATX).

My problem is that the board appears to be set up "upside down". The expansion slots appear to end up at the top of the case. What's up? I thought that there was only a size difference between ATX and mATX boards.
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  1. I'm assuming your problem is that when you flip the motherboard around it puts your expansion slots facing inside the case? The motherboard doesn't care what orientation is in if that's your concern.
  2. No the problem is this: When the board is set to be mounted with the plug-ins facing the rear of the case the slots are up at the top of the case near the PSU, not down by the bottom where they should be. I have no way to use the expansion slots if I mount this board.
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    Yeah, that would be what I just described lol the problem is OEMs don't always follow the norm.
  4. So my only way out is this: either use the on-board video and audio or get a new case.
  5. Does it not have any PCIe slot at all? But yeah, it sounds like it :(
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