Asus Rampage IV Black fan control via software options? Fanxpert not registering all fans. Picture inside.

Fan controller inside the cosmos 2 doesnt support 4 pin fans. I have the need to utilize all fan ports on the mobo. However, I can't seem to find software that will let me configure the fans connect to the "OPT 1, 2, 3" fan ports. Attached is a screenshot of fanxpert via aisuite registering and showing the fans but they are not controllable. Speedfan does not have a config available for this mobo. Id like to use fanxpert if possible. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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    I have the Maximus VI Hero and the same software and I can control my fans with Fan Expert 2. You have the pre-defined fan profiles at the bottom. These can be customized or you can create your own. To customize the pre-defined profiles, must select the fan you want to customize and click on the graph. From there it is a simple matter of adjusting the points to get the profile you want. Remember to save them when you are done.
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