No Audio Output Device is installed

Hi everyone, it's me again. Thanks to some folks here that have been helping me, I have managed to install Windows 7 Ultimate, but now I have some other problems. Here's one of them, that's the sound.

First, I have a cross in a red circle upon a speaker icon in the lower right corner. Here's a picture of it:

Second, when I right click that, and then click on "Playback devices, I see this:

Third, when I go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, it appears that I have no audio device there :

Please note, that I DO have my audio device (speakers in my case) plugged to my machine.

I have Installed NVIDIA audio driver, and after that didn't solve the problem, I have installed Realtec audio driver, which also didn't help.

My motherboard is Fujitsu D1931, here's a link to it's description:

Hope you can help me, because I am setting this computer as a game computer, and I wouldn't like to have the experience of playing Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike with out any sound.

If you need any additional information about my computer, ask!

Thank you.
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  1. Sorry, I don't know why the images were not posted!
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    There is always the possibility that the motherboard is borked, Repost pictures on imageshack pls
  3. Okey, I have updated my post, now there are pictures. Hope you could help me!
  4. Prebuilt systems are not my area of expertise. They mostly suck. I would suggest contacting Fujitsu for further assistance.
  5. simple simple simple restore your hardware this uninstalls and reinstall programs on your will take a long while but worked perfectly for me...u might need to write down sme sites password.
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