Opinions Needed: Corsair Graphite 600t, Corsair Carbide 500r, CM HAF 922

I'm trying to decide between these 3 cases and would like some opinions on them. All my parts should fit in any of the cases even if I have to move a fan or two. I plan on doing some overclocking on my cpu and probably SLIing two 760s.

Which cases have good dust filters?
Which cases have good air flow?
Will I need to purchase additional case fans?
Are the fans that come with the cases of good quality?
What are your experiences with any of the cases?
What else should I need to know before buying one of these cases?

Thanks for the help!
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  2. MaXimus421 said:

    Could you expand on why you would vouch for the 600t? What advantages does it have? Are there any criticism or cons about that case that you have?
  3. Sure.

    Pros: Very roomy. Modestly stylish. Amazing cable management. Latches to open side panel. Mesh or Window side panel. Accepts water cooling but is a great air cooling case as well. Movable/re-movable HDD cages. Dust filters on intake fans. Quality construction. Corsair customer support - it's second to none. Can fit a lot of hardware inside and is a overall joy to build in. My friends are jealous of it. It's just amazing, really.

    Cons: The stock fans are pretty weak. And the fan controller is junk. It will die eventually but Corsair will ship you a free replacement if you set up an RMA. Won't cost a dime. It's very large and very wide. No way I would consider it a Mid-Tower. It's a Full Tower IMO. Not the kind of case your gonna sit on top of your desk beside your screen. It's a bit pricey.

    Note: I would say you should invest in some better fans for the 600T and keep the fan controller no higher than on the middle setting. The voltages of the controller won't fry it's self later on down the road. Or get an aftermarket fan controller for it.

    EDIT: Here's mine... :D
  4. Thanks for the response MaXimus!

    Now I'm torn between either the 600t or the HAF 922. They both seem like decent cases. The main thing I'm looking for is the best airflow case I can get. Are there any sites that give me something I can compare the airflow against these two cases?
  5. At the price, I'd go for the HAF (high airflow).

    The 600T is 5 years old and still expensive, but offers more options for fan mounting and cable management opportunities.
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