best way upgrade Win XP on Intel SSD to Win 8

I have an Intel SSD with Win XP OS - Service Pack 3 and am looking for advice to upgrade OS to Win 8.0. I have 2nd hard drive with data, and am not familiar enough with "cleaning" the SSD to accept the new OS. any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. just boot computer to the boot menu,select dvd as first boot device,insert your install disk and hit enter.there will be an option to format the drive before a clean or custom install as that will format your drive and install a fresh copy of windows.
  2. And if I only have download WIN8 set-up exe file, RUN program after saving files from SSD, and this *exe file will reformat drive and complete a clean install? The WIN8 set-up file was downloaded from Microsoft Store. Thanx
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    yep,that will do it.
  4. Awesome...many thanks Aldan...and sounds like I have some work to do.
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