deciding which water cooler to get, need advice

Hey! Have a i7-4770k with just stock fan right now. Its fine for normal play but I want to try OC'ing and will probably need a water cooling system. Through reading some forum posts, a lot of ppl like the H100i, but was wondering if H105, H110 are better?
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    I'd personally go with the noctua nh-d14. It's an air cooler, but it's on par with most water coolers in terms of performance. And to answer the actual question, the best water cooler is the NZXT Kraken x60, but of the three you mentioned, I think the H100i is slightly better.
  2. thanks! I will definitely check those out, thanks for the advice!
  3. I have a nh-d14 on a 4770k, I'm at 4.4ghz @1.25v with realistic temps around 65-70 (video rendering at 100% load). It was around 48c at stock.

    I don't think burntests are an accurate method to simulate how the computer will actually be used
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