Over clocking low voltage ram- is it better?

So i really want 1866mhz ram.
I've been finding it hard to settle on a nice dual channel 8GB set.

I was thinking of getting this

It's 1.25v ram and runs at 1600mhz

I was wondering could i over clock to a higher speed and 1.5v because Haswell claims to run better. Also I will be using the Asus Maximus Gene VI.

Could anyone shed some light on the topic? or suggest an alternative set?
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  1. That memory will most likely OC to 1866 easy by increasing the timing by one, to 10-10-10-25. And up the memory multiplier to 1866.

    Don't know what board you have but set it up in XMP.
  2. Should OC to 1866 fine, prob at 1.45 or so at most, best bet to set manually, try 1866 with base timings at 10-10-10-27, if good there might even be able to tighten to 9-10-9-27
  3. Follow what Tradesman1 said but I think you should be careful; it can be risky if you mess up.
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