Which pc case to get? corsair 230t vs zalman 79 u3

ive already asked this question about which pc case to get but i stumbled across this newish pc case by corsair and thought it looked awesome, aswell as the zalman z9 u3. i reconsidered my options due to my colour scheme and what seems the best bang for your buck. i would like to know which one seems the best? i dont know all that much about the 230t but i was wondering what the cable management is like? i appreciate in any comments, thank you
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  1. i appreciate*
  2. I am building my first pc and those two cases were in my options. I ended up buying the grey corsair 230T. I didn't like the sort of Z shape thing in front of the zalman case.

    If you need more USB ports in the front I would go with the zalman, but if you dont care, go with the corsair
  3. yeah i know what you mean dude! i went with the corsair 200r with a window, its similar to the 230t and its excellent :D
  4. ah good stuff! I'm happy with mine too!
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