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Hey guys currently i have an amd 6 core processor and I found a really good price on the i7 that is completely affordable. However getting an i7 will put me two cores down so it seems like quality vs quantity. I was just wondering the pros and cons will losing two cores hurt me in any way? I like to game, watch videos in HD, I also have been getting into writing basic code for fun as well as video editing. I prefer having versatility for future hobbies regarding pc what's your suggestion should i make the jump also if not should I just get more cores?
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  1. You would also have to buy a new MOBO.
    Any i7 should still be outperforming the fx 6xx0.
    Core-count and GHz is not the factor of a CPUs performance, you would need to look into the architecture to see the difference.

    Which i7 and what price are we talking about?
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    I'm pretty sure most will say that the difference in cores won't matter when you're comparing an Intel to AMD but as for the good price on an I7. Does that include the motherboard you will need to purchase? Will your current board support an 6 or 8 core AMD?
  3. Better core performance and pretty much any i7 will beat a six core fx.
  4. well my motherboard supports a 6 core its an m5a97 which i'm pretty sure supports i7 and i know it supports 8 core so assuming the motherboard isn't an problem i have the money for the difference i'm saving just by buying should i go for an 8 core or an intel i7 for gaming and video purposes
  5. No your mobo mostlikely support AM3+ which the FX line runs on.
    Depending on which exactly i7, it will mostlikely run on either 1155 or 1150.
  6. 1, amd doesn't have 6 core processors - as they have modular architecture.
    so, they have 3 modules each counting for 2 watered-down cores (which are only useful if one uses heavy multithreaded tasks)

    2, most applications anyone uses are strictly singlethreaded and lightly multithreaded ones /ergo games and the usual crap/

    3, an intel core is waaaaaaaaaaay more advanced than any amd module as a single core can currently outperform an amd module in both single and multithreaded apps. /the i7 is a 4+4 core and an HT core is about 35-40% as powerful as a regular one./

    based on what you have any i3/i5 would be an improvement, having an i7 would result in a massive boost.
    you can also check tom's 'best gaming cpu for the buck' list for reference and you will see that even i3 4xxx are higher ranked than FX-8350.

    also, you will need a new motherboard.
  7. Hyper-threading is not 35-40% performance as a regular one, it can vary very much depending on application.
    Non of the threads are giving priotiry over the other.
  8. @random stalker wow you know your stuff i guess i'm going for the i7 then i thought my motherboard supported the i7 have any personal preference for a motherboard a reasonably priced one would be best
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