My system seems to freeze. Cant seem to pinpoint the issue.

Hello all,

I have an issue I cant seem to solve with my new build. My pc freezes up without fail during nearly any activity. I can be browsing the web or streaming videos for hours and then bam, frozen. But when playing any game, freezing seems to happen within 20 minutes or less of active play. My system specs are as follows;

Windows 7 SP1 OEM
Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
AMD FX9590 4.7GHz
16GB 1866MHz G.Skill Sniper RAM (2x8GB)
Xion AXP-1000K14XE PSU
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo HSF
2x Radeon HD 7770 GPUs Crossfired
Cooler Master 932 HAF Case.

Temps at idle (according to SpeedFan and Core Temp)
CPU: 25C-35C
GPU1: 32C

Temps during gaming (ArmA 3)
CPU: 56C-68C
MOBO: 30C-32C
GPU1: 60C-65C
GPU2: 58C-65C

Temps at freeze vary heavily. The lowest CPU temp I've seen was about 27C. The highest, 65C.

I had a tech savvy friend of mine check out my rig to see if he could figure it out but no dice. We both figure maybe a botched Windows OEM is to blame, however, four hours of the two of us troubleshooting, reinstalling OS, testing ram brought nothing. I'm thinking maybe I missed something or maybe misread something somewhere in my parts research. Can you guys help me out?
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  1. could you try the system with minimal parts and see if it is freezing then add one part at the time .
  2. scout_03 said:
    could you try the system with minimal parts and see if it is freezing then add one part at the time .

    Tried it with one of my 7770s at a time. I even removed my GPU drivers, swapped in my old Radeon 6750 and installed the latest drivers for that. I also completely removed my Sound Blaster ZxR from my system. I tried both ram sticks solo and still the same problem.
  3. I solved my issue as far as I can tell. I went into Asus AI Suit II settings and unchecked the TurboV EVO tool. So far so good. No freezes during Arma 3 campaign missions for the last hour and a half.
  4. did you try the minimum boost or the full one .
  5. I didn't. It seems, I'm guessing, that it auto overclocks my cpu at times. As in today when I got home from work my mobo was trying to run my cpu at 5.1GHz. I haven't even fooled with the bios at all.
  6. Best answer
    it is set on auto you have to cancel it and reset to default also been trying it with my motherboard and if you keep all the voltage and other in the green value that should do it .
  7. Turns out that my hsf wasn't doing its job right. Now that I have my custom loop installed, all is good in the world
  8. does everything work as it should now .
  9. scout_03 said:
    does everything work as it should now .

    It does indeed.
  10. then time to play and enjoy the system come back if you need more help .
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