Possible cpu bottleneck or broken card?

Specs: Amd phenom ii x6 1045t stock clock (2,7 ghz)

Gpu: Sapphire Amd r9 270 oc edition

ram: 8 gb corsair vengeance 1600 mhz ddr3

My problem is when I play battlefield 4 I am only getting 30 - 40 fps on HIGH settings with NO AA(pretty much any multiplayer map) , this is about the same fps I got with my old gtx 560, this shouldnt be right because the r9 270 is much more powerful than the gtx 560!!! Also I am fairly sure my gpu usage is 100 percent so I dont think their is a bottleneck, and on ultra i only get 30 fps while others on youtube get about 50 to 60. Is their something wrong with my card??

Pls help, thanks!
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    The R9-270 is somewhat more powerful than the older GTX 560, but not "much" more powerful.
    Nevertheless, you should be getting better performance. Try running CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry portions both. You may have resource wasting crap and registry errors slowing down the system. Also, see how many items are running in the background when you are trying to game. Check your tray. And check System Configuration/Start Up to see how many boxes are checked. Everything running in the background while you are trying to game will steal clock cycles... and the old PhII 6 core is not very quick by today's standards, especially at only 2.7GHZ.
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